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Hello all, I hope you are well. If you’re UK based, you had a lovely bank holiday weekend, and the week has been going good so far. If not,’s officially the start of another weekend. I took a little time off the socials, (a passive observer here and there), but really starting again today by writing about this swimsuit I loved so much from my last holiday. I love the print, the tassel detail, and I think modest coverage. It was a last minutes purchase from Asos, when I thought my one bikini may not be enough for my trip. I am not the type to lay on the beach or by the pool basking in the sun on holidays. What I love doing most is sightseeing, conversations with locals and eating loads of food, ideally sampling local dishes. I also have a tradition of taking a day or day and a half to do nothing much but sleep and chill in my hotel room or whatever the accommodation is. This works for me when I am away from a week or more. When it came to my Bali trip I knew I definitely wanted to spend some time in pool or by the beach. If anywhere would be   ideal for its fun water activities, it would be Bali with their beautiful beaches and cute and quirky private pools in almost all the accommodations you can find.

I paired the swimsuit with h&m tassel earrings (matchy matchy). I took some photos before I submerged myself in water, before the hair frizz, and clear demarcation of hair textures (natural blow out hair reverse to its coily self while the hair extension keeps its form lol..) Anyway, I had longterm plans for the swimsuit but to my dismay after staying in the water for about an hour or so, the tassels started to unravel, and if you know the nature of tassel yarns, they don’t stop once they start unravelling. It was such a shame. Sure I can get rid of all the tassels and wear again, but the tassels were my favourite part of it. I am not sure how it happened, whether it was chlorine in the water or it wasn’t meant to be in the water in the first place or for too long *(crazy). I did some searching on the internet on this. More articles on chlorine causing fabrics to wear quicker and colours to fade. I did not find anything on the effects of chemical specifically on tassels. Thinking back maybe I didn’t rinse out my swimsuit with cold water on the same day, although not something I would do normally. Who knows, perhaps that would have helped. There is one thing for sure though, you have to be careful with swimsuit with extra bits hanging off, intricate details and tassels since any damage will be immediate. Not long term like fading and fabric wear. I do have some tips to share with you on how you can protect your swimsuit from damage and fade over time.


4 ways to keep your swimsuit from damage and fade

  • Always rinse out your swimsuit with a lot of cold water immediately after swimming to get rid of the chemical transferred onto the garment. You may use detergent if available.
  • Gentle wash by hand after use
  • Do not twist/squeeze to dry, it’s better to let it drip-dry
  • Shop for chlorine resistance swimsuits. Fabric composition play a part in it too. I doubt a lot of people go swimsuit /bikini shopping and look at the fabric composition or see if material is chlorine resistant.  Find out more about Fabric composition here

Try these tips and there will be no need to buy new suits every time you go on holiday. dsc_0632dsc_0635swimsuit damage from chlorine_noveltyeye blog-2noveltyeye_travel_blog_ubud_Bali_Indonesia -66




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