A look back on 2013: Nice, Cannes and Monaco

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Merry Christmas Eve
, how time flies! Sorry guys that I have missed a couple days of blogging, I have been very busy this period. I have also been looking back on the year and how things have transpired. Most importantly I have been counting my blessings, I’m very grateful and thankful to God to be alive and well. One of the many great things I got to do this year was travelling, especially my trip to the South of France back in September. I’ve been bitten by the bug and I’m looking forward to doing more travelling in the new year. I went on holidays with an amazing group of friends, Stayed at Le Foulon Villa in gréolières provence, somewhere near Nice on top of the mountains, and also visited Cannes and Monaco. It was a great experience. I loved the cities, the food and the people. I had so much fun it was too painful to come back to cold and rainy England. Here some of the pictures I took. What did you have fun doing the most this year?

At Le Foulon

The view of the house from a distance.
Out and about in Nice.
Driving on the mountains was so scary with a lot of curves and sharps bends, yet people (I assume locals) were driving like the were on a motorway.
In Cannes

Getting ready for our drive to Monaco

In Monaco

I love this almost silhouette picture I took
Monaco St Nicholas Cathedral
Grimaldi Palace – Palais Princier de Monaco




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