NVE.com is a platform that showcases all of my creative interests – the fun, care free and the serious work, all of which enrich and keep my life interesting  : fashion, travel, food and people.

I read somewhere that creative people are self-absorbed. First thought to reading this is not me!..and I am sure most creatives would disagree with said statement. Still I have to acknowledge that you need a bit of self-absordness to work creatively. I am not talking about the kind when someone is so full of themselves. Let’s face it no one wants to deal with that. It’s great to get inspired by external influences but I think when it comes to birthing something from that inspiration it’s imperative that it be about you, considering your feelings over anyone else’s, doing what is true to you. It may sounds negative since generally being self-centred is deem bad but ponder over it – it actually makes all the sense. So it is this principle that I aim to work by to express myself creatively in real life and on this platform. It is what I like, what I know, what inspires me in order to stay honest and true to myself.

Hopefully things that I love and I am inspired by will also inspire others and I can impart things that can positively impacts on others. After all sharing is caring, so in the end it won’t be all about me but us.