I needed my blogging mojo back to get this one out. I find it hard to get back into blogging when I’v had a long break. Since I haven’t posted anything in a while I though it will be fitting to put together a montage of some stories and images I haven’t shared with you guys. Also thank you returning visitors for coming back to check up on me. Even on several visits with no new post, here you are again, I appreciate it and I will work hard on being regular with my posts.



Image captions in the order of listing.
-At our holiday home in Vicchio Florence a couple months ago – hanging around the pool.
-Loved the old school rustic sun chairs in our garden I had to feature it and it was nice being behind the camera this time snapping Rosie Reid who took all the beautiful pictures on our trip..
-Some room detail shots, I was in conversation about shapes and geometry which was the inspiration behind them.
-Exciting project my sister and I are currently working on ‘FOOD’. I will disclose more information in due course.
-A while back at Jean Paul Qaultier Exhibition at the Barbican in London.
-Day one in Tuscany, having a house tour – I travelled from London in those platform sandals – not the best idea.
– Throwback Thursday… just because that sunlight is so dreamy (picture taken in Birmingham earlier this year).
– Meeting with the ladies, PRAY -> EAT – PLAY – WORK – REPEAT  ->
Thanks for stopping by Enjoy the rest of your evening,week and see you soon. xoxo.
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