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Yesterday  was such a good day for me and how nice was the weather in London.  It was probably my most productive weekend in a very long time. Got all my chores done, meal prep for the week, I did church and visited the family. It was really a family affair judging from the photo. I am wearing my all time favourite top by yours truly, not bias at all. ha! I have an old school Wittier bag in hand, handed down from mum and threw on this beautiful mens jacket from which used to be my brother’s. As you may know, I love me some menswear pieces every now and then, I try and get them during sample sales so I can get a good deal. I find menswear are generally expensive than womenswear. So it’s lovely that I get to have some good quality pre-owned courtesy of my brother. His style has changed a lot over the years and I really dig what he wears these days, so it works out really well for when he decides to freshen up his wardrobe or something doesn’t fit. My other brother took these photos of me during the golden hour.



Since my first attempt of designing and selling clothes didn’t take off, I never had the thought of trying again. Not because of fear of failing but really not having the desire to. I think it’s important to have a strong desire to embark on such an endeavour, as opposed to just liking the idea of having a clothing lable. Recently, I have a vision in mind of a type of jacket or coat I would like to wear but having not seen any on the market, my thought has turned to creating my own. This birthed the idea of transferring my old designs on the types of jacket I would like to wear. You can’t really see the whole design on my top in these images, but if you are willing, imagine what you see, the design and colours on the back of a blue denim jacket. I think it would make a really good statement piece. Something you can throw on a simple dress, or whatever really to push it a little to the edge. Anyway I would love your thoughts on this, so please leave a comment.


Top – by me, Jeans – Toyshop, Jacket – Zara , Trainers – Sneak London, Bag – Wittier

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