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Do you know the point when your hair starts to frustrate you. It gets a mind of it’s own and decides to do whatever the hell it wants? The point where all hair knowledge you’ve gathered on your specific hair is no longer useful, and whatever you do it does not result in your desired look.. Yea that point.. Very frustrating! I am way past this point at this stage. Come on hair, we are a team, we are supposed to work together!


When you wear your hair in it’s natural state for a long time, in my case 6 years, you get to know its nature really well, even as little as a year, you learn a lot: the food (hair products) it likes, exactly how you can achieve your favourite curl pattern or twist out type, to use roller or not,  you will know whether to twist on dry or slightly damp hair, the type and exact amount of product to put on your hair. Knowing these sort of things about your hair I think is critical to keeping your hair healthy and maintaining.  BUT then comes a time, where knowing ‘all  about your hair’ and applying whatever techniques you’ve picked up along the way will make no difference. You get weird twist out results, hair growth becomes stagnant, not only that it starts to break and dry out, even doubling up on moisture doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of difference, give it a day and it’s back to its dry self. I don’t know if this is a ‘thing’, this has only been proven in my household  and  so this may be a unique situation to us and that our hair knowledge is apparently limited. I would love to know if anyone else out there has experience of this and have you resolved or are resolving it.


Anyway all this is to say it made me not want to wear my natural hair out. So my other options were to wear protective styles. I love braids from box braids to twists,  I can spend a lot of time going through @braidgangs Instagram feed. However I dread the process of braiding, I can’t seem to justify spending a whole day in my very short weekend to do my hair. So I try to avoid it. Plus I also may sporadically get an opportunity for a commercial modelling gig where my natural hair is preferred. So I want to not be in a position where I am taking my braids out prematurely. So wig was the next best thing. I wasn’t really a wig person but I have come to like them, the versatility, hair long today gone tomorrow look. I currently love the choppy chops, blunt cut hair and fringes so I gave it a try.


Something always got to give, the first few days wearing the wig was not a joke, it hurt and was very uncomfortable.  It took a while to wear out the the newness. After that, I had a lot of fun wearing this new hairstyle but in typical Afua fashion it did not stay for long. Currently have jumbo twist braids, which only took a few hours to do – record time in hair braiding.

Shoes – Bershka, Trousers, Knit cards, Bag – Warehouse, Knit turtle vest – Primark

I love the knit combination featured, I have worn it a lot of times in the past couple of months and it pairs so well with most of my coats and jackets.


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