Goodbyes Are The Hardest Things

I can’t believe this! We are almost in the middle of July and it’s raining like crazy here. It has been raining all day. I saw the picture above on Pinterest and it put a smile on my face in spite of this miserable weather. Still thankful for the rain, be thankful always.
mustard shawl

The thought of leaving this beautiful part of the world and its people in less than two months has been a little hard to take. Already I’m having to say my goodbyes to friends whose time here has come to an end. I was out at the weekend to say bye to Alex, who is going back to France after a year here. Emotional. It was rather a good night, catching up with friends who have been hiding away in their offices and homes, buried their heads in books and laptops finishing off report, thesis and so on.

2,3&4 pictures, source: Pinterest

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