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I am excited to share this brand with you. I came across Mayamiko label in summer 2015 when I got invited to their summer party. I was very impressed with their collection and the story of Mayamiko. I knew then I wanted to collaborate with them in some capacity. It wasn’t until nearly a year later that I went knocking on their door for the opportunity to work with them on a project I was doing with another brand that has similar ethos as them. I will share the result of that work in a later post. In this post however, I want to gush over how luxurious, gorgeous and exciting their new Kukonda [which means Love in the local Malawian dialect] collection is. Simple Elegance.




Everything about this collection sets it miles apart from many clothing labels that also use African fabrics, made locally or in Africa that I know of.  I particularly appreciate the feel of the fabrics and the clean finished seam. The inherent boldness and richness of traditional african fabrics can easily offer a unique and luxurious feel to any design but this not always the case; this collection hits the mark. In design, clashing bold African patterns and colours or finding the complementarity of colours between modern contemporary and traditional African fabrics is not a new narrative among designers. And when this is done well, it can cause quite a stir. You must have witnessed the stir caused by Stella Jean’s number that Rhianna wore to the White House. I will not be surprise if a piece from this collection causes similar stir this summer. With stockist in three continents and available worldwide online. I have to say these pieces would look amazing re-styling with layers for colder months.


Even more impressive is the community of Mayamiko. Mayamiko label was set up by the Mayamiko Trust, a charity founded by Paolo Masperi. Paolo is such an incredible, gorgeous and kind individual, you can’t help but be inspired to change to world after a few minutes of conversation with her. She set the charity to support the creative talents of the local people of Malawi. The clothes are ethically produces by the local designers at their Mayamiko Lab, which was set up by the trust to provide training in sewing and tailoring among other skills to local disadvantage women. It so inspiring and encouraging to see the length they go to make a difference. And I am happy to know that when I buy Mayamiko clothing , £1 donation is made to the Trust.

Available on MAYAMIKO

All images are from Mayamiko.

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