Lady Gaga and Sociology

I don’t know how much college cost in America but now in England is has been said that from 2012 Universities will be allowed to charge up to £9.000 pounds in tuition fees. I reserve my opinions on this matter though. It is then fair to say that if you are going to incur such huge costs at the end of three or four years of further education, you should make a conscious decision to look into how best you can make the most out of your time and the costs.  So why have I brought up this topic?

Well I was having a cursory glance at BBC headlines on their website as you do.  Reading news on BCC website has just recently become a habit as I’m out of England at the moment and I still like to know what is going on in my residing country plus is one of the few things you can do when you find your brain activity dwindling after long hours of reading scientific journal and articles; you want to take a break doing something that doesn’t involve you cracking your brain, although facebook or fashion online store would be perfect it’s just not a good look in the office. Any ways I apologise for digressing, so I came across this headline “University offers Lady Gaga Sociology Course. Really! If ever the phrase Mickey Mouse degree is to be used rightfully and befittingly it will be this moment.  According to the story  university of South Carolina has developed a this course as a dedication to the pop star, it wasn’t surprising to read that the course will be taught by a professor who happens to be a fan and has seen her in concert  30 times. Hmm.. obsession or substantiating social research?  Maybe it’s because I’m scientist that is why I’m not finding any of this interesting or worthwhile but one thing I know for sure is that even for free tuition I wouldn’t s spend years of my life sitting in a lecture theatre  learning about the endeavours of lady Gaga .  I should say that I have nothing against the lady I love that she is a risk taker; Just putting it out there. A friend of mine also told me about harry potter course been offered in one of the university in England, can anyone verify this for me? I think it is very crazy but that’s just me. I’m lucky to have not had any pressures from my parents in my future direction regarding the course I chose to do at university, but I would love to think that if I made such decision they would make it so hard for me I would have no option but to change my mind. I think it’s also fair to say I would be pushing it if I went to them with this knowing  them; African parents lol.

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