stretching shoes size 51/2 to 6
Cedar naturally absorbs perspiration – absorbing all the moisture that builds up over time in shoes. It preserves the shape of your shoes while deodorizing
Sanding the stretcher lightly will restore the fresh cedar scent.

Imagine this, you have fallen in love with some shoes at first sight. You decide to take a closer inspection at the shoes only to learn that you needn’t fear for breaking your bank because that expensive looking shoes is actually on sales, 50% off, what a steal! But don’t hold your breath, you soon discovers they don’t have it in your size – bummer!. They don’t have them in any of their other stores and not online, What do you do?
This happens to me a lot of the time it’s hard to believe. I wear shoes size 6 or 51/2 depending on the shoe type and also the brand. I had been wanting to get a pair of black knee high boots for the longest time. I couldn’t believe my luck when I found one at Aldo which was on sale for half price. But just my kind of luck they only had one pair left in size 51/2  I tried them on but they did not fit comfortably, they were tight. The shop assistant was trying to convince me to get them because it is leather and would stretch and so on and forth but I wasn’t going to repeat the same mistake twice. The first mistake was getting these gorgeous suede shoes in the pictures from Clarks in size 51/2  I loved them and thought they would be perfect for work so I got them even though they were tight on me. This was about 4 years or so ago and I have only worn them three times. The feeling, I can only think of it as the highest form of self inflicted pain ever, I wore them to a long day business conference and oh, boy! I felt like I was losing my feet. It was so bad I had to find a shop to but a new pair of shoes to wear for the rest of the day. That experience thought me a huge lesson. I don’t care how gorgeous a shoe you are, I am not having you in the almost perfect size, it has to be the perfect size – well so I thought.
Trying on those knee high boots, with the right design, just how I like them, it was hard to heed to the lesson learned from buying size 51/2 shoes. It just would have been wrong to leave them. Another thing was that the boots was from their last season’s collection, so it was like ‘last chance to grab’ situation. The guy who was assisting me could tell the frustration from my face, so he went away and brought back these stretcher for me to buy together with the boots. I was very skeptical,  I didn’t believe it could stretch enough to give me enough room for the comfortability I was after. But at that point I had no other choice really, first of all I wasn’t going to leave without buying the boots and if I wanted any different result my only chance was to take the stretcher too. I took a chance and  thankfully it turned out to be the best decision. I left the stretchers in the boots for about a week and I got I think a few centimetres stretch because it felt much much comfortable a tad roomy after the stretcher.

I’m currently using them to stretch my first mistake, the Clarks shoes as you can see in the photos I left them in for about the week, there has been a change but not significant. I think it work best with materials that naturally stretches such as leather. I will leave them for a few more weeks, or have them in all the time as their storage place. I have worn them once since I have been stretching them, the pain definitely reduced and I walked hours in them before the pain kicked in compared to when I first got time.s

If you are like me, have alternating shoe sizes or have trouble finding the right sizes, size 51/2 is too tight size 6 is too loose – I recommend you get shoe stretchers, they are very good. These Aldo ones cost £19.00, made with cedar tree restore the shape of your shoes and add a fresh scent to your shoes.
Aldo Cedar Shoe Stretcher from here  

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