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Fashionably strutting into the new year.. ph – John Samson 

So far this year has been a great year, although not without its hard bits. I am very grateful and feel blessed for the things that were achieved, dreams that came into fruition. Super excited for the new year, to embark on new and exciting things.

So normally I don’t make strict resolutions per se, they are also quite open – I can revisit and review. However, for next year there are new things I want to try that I have actually made fixed plans for – set in stone. The main one being travelling. Super excited!! When it comes to new fashion and the changes or new looks I want to try- honestly I don’t plan months ahead, usually within the week. But I love the idea of planning ahead, deciding must have pieces I want to invest in the new year. So when Farfetch asked me if I would take part in their blogger collaboration – sharing  ‘What will make 2016 my best fashion year yet’ I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

So in this post I will share with you five key pieces/type of clothing that would my 2016 my best fashion year.

This year I have been inspired by modern architecture, geometric shapes, structured tailoring, and also voluminous layers of fabric –  Tokyo, menswear comes to mind. This has in turn inspired me to incorporate an explore new looks such as voluminous coats, multiple structural layers, pleats, ruffles and suede.


5 fashion resolutions for 2016

# 1 Invest in a fun part shoes

What I want to  do more of in the new year is Up the fun Ante . Go out more, party more and look fabulous doing so. This year I mostly buckled down, worked though out. I had a lot of things I wanted to achieve, like getting a new job, building a new business, learning new a skill, a lot of things which meant staying in on many evenings including weekend. I don’t think the work load will necessarily change in the new year but I will be making a conscious effort to fit in play time. Like on a 3:1 work:play ratio.  This year has been a big year for caged/gladiator shoes, for me 2016 would be an even bigger one. I am in love with these Sophia Webster sandals, they look fun and will pair well with a lot of outfits.









Love these Sophia Webster sandals from Farfetch









# 2 Step into a gown

‘Maybe one day…’ what I say to myself when I am convincing myself to buy an outfit that I don’t have anywhere to wear to. Example of such outfit would be a gowns. It just never really seem fit into my lifestyle. Still I dream of being in a beautiful Badgle Mischka, Elie Saab or Christian Siriano dress  to an awards night, a white tie event or a fashion event. So next year I’m calling it out there, or speaking it into existence as they say. Wear beautiful gowns to beautiful places.





Dress – Christian Siriano  details on Farfetch














# 3 Break the mould of office wardrobe

I love colour, in facts all colours, from subtle to bold loud coloured clothing, Still I pretty much wore mostly blacks to work this years. That’s all going to change in the new year, I will be more adventurous with my work cloth and introduce colours.







Inspiration – introducing colour into work wardrobe. Farfetch











# 4 Perfect on minimalism

This will come in handy on my travels, so the goal is to visit a new place/ ideally a different country each month. I need to practice and perfect on travelling light with minimal and classic  as well as some basic pieces.



Details here

In love with this complete look.















#5 Put fashion back into workout

This year has been a year away from the gym but still working out and keeping fit. Through doing Yoga, aerial skills and cardio. But in the new I want to get back to the gym and so out with the old work out gear and in with the new.  Any occasion is for dressing up so heading to gym will be no different.




Love this DKNY  Capped sleeve kimono hooded. From Farfetch














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