One of the many things I got excited about when I decided to take blogging seriously was the anticipation of collaborating with brands that I have most admiration for. Fast forward seven months later I got asked by Alyxia Leaf to style and share with you some of their jewellery pieces. After having a look at their jewellery and gaining an understanding for their aesthetic I got on board. I fell in love with their exquisite jewellery pieces and wanted to style them, incorporate them in my wardrobe. Alyxia Leaf is the brainchild of Aaron Fisher a chemist with a passion for the science of metallurgy and his business partner Michael Quan a finance savvy, who turned their passions into a fully-fledged business. They carefully retrieve beautiful natural treasures such as fauna – from beetles to light butterfly wings and leaves which they ethically harvest from Australia, preserves them in precious metals and transforms them into gorgeous exquisite jewellery and curios. Their finishes include brass, gold, silver (with a palladium flash to prevent tarnishing) and a myriad of colourful patinas like the green patina I am wearing in these photos. 
Each individual leaf is preserves with its original shape and contours because of this all their jewellery vary from one to another, they are truly unique. Now you see why they would make a great gift for someone very special; they will have the only one of its kind. I love their design for men too my favourite being the black oxide coated Leave on braided leather necklace .
Styling these green patina earrings and necklace was exciting. I wanted them against a white background to really show off the beautiful verdigris. And this beautiful crochet babydoll sun top and flare midi skirt I felt was very fitting. Very conformable and simple in harmony with the natural hand crafted art work I was wearing. I had so much fun shooting this, I have never done a shoot in a studio for the blog but I wanted to try something different. The entire process was amazing even when plans fell through last minute, from coming up with look/concept, getting a team together, styling and at times directing. I have done a street-style shoots with Alyxia Leaf jewellery and there will also be a competition for change to win your very own Alyxia Leaf design so keep your eyes peeled.  
If you want to know more about the Jewellery and Alyxia Leaf visit their website here. They have lovely Patina pieces which would be fantastic accessories for your spring summer wardrobe.
ph – Matthias Dittrich Photography
MUA – Ruth Grana

I’M Wearing – Gingko Patina Verdigris Earrings

                       Ruscifolia Patina Verdigris Necklace
               Ruscifolia Gold Earrings
                      (crochet top, midi skirt and double strap cork flat sandal – Topshop)

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You are so beautiful!!!!
Amazing jewelry!!!

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