Say a little prayer

Today was about getting ready for normalcy onces again, after taking a few days off work, I can barely remember how week days are like for me, wrapped up in a nice, small 8 to 4:30 package which takes forever to open. Today was a day of travelling back and forth between Utrecht and Schiphol airport, an educative journey, more than enough time for reflecting on things that should be taken seriously,  of listening to music while cursorily flickering through my music liabray, something to do to minimalise the awkwardness between me and the passenger who sat opposite me on the train back from Schiphol and finally laughing about it.

It was a day of watching John Galliano’s anti-semitic remarks video, after a week of hearing about it in the news, of regretting how I had care about and for things that were vain, and for caring what certain people perceived me. It was a day of disliking myself for my selfishness, for trying to find myself in people, and then laughing about the humour in my naivety and imperfections. a day of appreciation, to a friend for lending me the laptop on which I’m typing these words, a day of loving my mother, for her honesty, lovely personality and charm.

A day of thinking how technology has failed me, from printers to mobile phones and now my beloved laptop. It was a day of uncertainty, ranting, being mad  and then calming myself down realising that somethings are just out of our control and there is  nothing one can do, a day of hoping, advancement and awakening, of realisatoin, that I have been praying less and seems to have taken on things I feel are trivial and therefore needless to say a little prayer for them. It was day of making changes, praying more!!.

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