T-shirt and shrunken denim

Hi lovelies, How was your weekend? I hope you all had a lovely time and looking forward to an awesome week ahead. I had  a good one, spent it with family and friends. It’s Sunday evening and I have not done as much as I would have wanted, I feel I have been swamped with chores but honestly the only notable things  are washing my hair and writing this post. I have spent a lot of time running around on the internet for a solution for my tech issues,  still not solved by the way. In fact this weekend in some ways has been tech talk overload for me. I had a conversation with someone at a party I went to on Saturday about cryptocurrency – it was a little over my head – I think that filled up my capacity to understand anything tech for the weekend. Despite carrying this tech task into the week, I am happy about how the weekend has gone.

So now that I am done filling you in about my weekend, let me tell you about my sad story about my favourite denim. Four mouth ago, I shared an image on Instagram gushing about my favourite cropped denim. If fitted snuggly, hugged my curves in all the right places, loved it, loved it. But recently made the ultimate colossal mistake – ‘tumble dry of doom’. I had noticed after a couple washes it looked different but not significant so didn’t pay it much attention. After all I am familiar with other denims fitting better after a wash. But on this occasion, my favourite jeans altered in length as opposed to waist size and leg width, it looked a little shorter. I was still in denial on how bad it had gotten, not until after looking at these images. You may find it shocking that I did not know that you are not suppose to ever tumble dry jeans. but in my defence, I never owned a tumble dryer until recently. Such a pain and a waste to get another one but at least I don’t have to go far for a replacement. I got it from Topshop. A while back I ruined a beautiful rare vintage trousers by washing instead of dry cleaning. I thought I learned my lesson then; by paying attention to my clothes label and washing accordingly. I assumed jeans were tough so didn’t pay much attention to them. I won’t repeat this mistake again, especially since I am really into tees and denim look these days. I reckon I  will get a couple more for spring/summer.

I love this tee designed by my friend. I thought to add a little pizzazz to it on this day. I like the look, I would have loved the ensemble a whole lot more if the few cms of my jeans weren’t missing. The mustards wouldn’t have stolen show, it would have been a nice accent, somewhat.

Bag – Zara

Cropped Jeans – Topshop

Sandal – Forever21

Tees  – Here

Head scarf is a gift from Malaysia from my friend Yivonn. I love it, so versatile. Thanks Vonn.

And thank you reader for stopping by today, I hope you visit again, leave a comment when you do, it would be nice to start a dialogue.  Wish you a great week. :).


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