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BALI PART 2 – The Best Part was UBUD

In my last blog post, I told you about the first leg of my trip to Bali.  Now it’s time for the second leg, before I completely lose the will to write about it. The time I spent in Ubud was the best part for me. Even the journey there was a great one, we stopped by at some amazing tourist hotspots – Batubulan to check out UC gold and silver, visited Batuan village to see paintings and Tegenungan waterfall in Kemenuh.

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Dinner with the owner of the hotel

Our home in Ubud was the lovely Kamandhani Cottage which we booked through Airbnb. With all the pitstops and sightseeing along the way, I was very exhausted by the time we got to our hotel. So I went straight to bed after check in and the rest. Unsurprisingly I spent a lot of my time in Ubud sleeping,  and I say it was the best part – I don’t know what this says about me. Ha! I love my sleep, I also find myself low on iron sometimes, which tires me out. Mind you I had been travelling for over a week up until that point.  I went to China, then Hong Kong before heading to Indonesia. I spent a chunk amount of time relaxing by the pool. I think the vibe in Ubud is ideal for relaxation, whether you’re doing yoga, having a message or just hanging out in a tiny cafe or restaurant. On one of my evenings there, I didn’t fancy going out and had have enough sleep, so when down to the pool area and bumped into the owner, Yogi, a very cool guy. I was curious to know about his story which he was kind enough to share, so lovely and forthcoming. We talked over dinner. Well, his dinner, I asked to excuse myself so he could have his dinner in peace but he asked me to stay. I watched him eat and talk with no awkwardness. He really made quite an impression. He had done so much at  a young age, with tenacity and hard work.

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On sabbatical leave to Ubud

Half way through my conversation with Yogi another guest a British nurse joined us. She had been living there for two months already, she was originally there for a month on a yoga retreat, she loved it so much, she decided to stay longer. She was practically Balinese, knew almost everything about the place, best places to eat, go for massages, do yoga and knew what the locals were doing on a daily basis. In fact I mistook her for one of the staff, when we first arrived because of how she spoke with people there. I didn’t ask but wondered how it was possible for her to be away for 2 months as a nurse. I know most employers in the UK offer 25 days of holiday in a year and you will be lucky to spend all 25 days per year on one trip.  You would want to save a number of days for unforeseen situations. She must have taken a year or so off.

“But first, let me take a selfie”

On my ‘to do list’ in Bali was to film a lookbook – holiday wardrobe. At this point I had only taken videos and pictures of places we had been. And wanted to get into clothing and fashion with only a day and half  left of our trip. So before out last chill time by the pool by I had to sneak in the customary photoshoot.  Made possibly by Monique, my beautiful friend and travel buddy. You have to get the pictures out of the way first, don’t you. Before the water causes your hair to shrivel and frizz which did happen.

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 Ubud market, my experience

WHAT TO EXPECT – You will most likely be quoted 5x the cost of the actual item you are after, so be prepared to haggle if you are the type, I did. I expected 2 x, 3x but 5?..You will be able to tell depending on the item. It got to a point where I didn’t feel comfortable haggling so I just walked off when I felt something was overly pricey. I found it intensive and tiring – to comb through all the items, so many things to see. You might wish you had packed less in order to fit more things in your luggage back home.

It’s easy to break your bank if not careful. For the interior design lovers, to fashion, arts, trinkets you name it, they have it and they are unique. You may need a lot of restrain if you are anything like me. Eventually, not having the space to store things helped curtail my spending.

I definitely will love to go again, and spend more time in Ubud they were a few things I wasn’t able to do due to time, take yoga classes at Yoga barn, take a sunrise trek to Mountain. Agung.

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Have you been to Bali before, how was your experience? Also any recommendations on activities and cool places to check out on my second trip? I would love to hear from you. Leave me a comment below.

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